Blik op de Zaan* is a unique shop and experience at the Zaanse Schans. Looking out over the river Zaan, in the middle of a centuries old industrial area. Lots of industry is still active here.

Cocoa powder and ‘borrelnootjes’ manufacturers are literally around the corner, in the area where it all started in windmills.


At Blik op de Zaan you find the best peanut butter, special chocolate bars, beautiful old tin cans and lots more. Discover the journey a peanut makes before ending up in a jar of peanutbutter. We’ll show you how cocoa beans turn into chocolate bars and how special real Zaans cans are.

Strolling through the shop you run into all kinds of interesting and fun facts. Let our stories about the products surprise you and learn even more. Feel, taste and smell, make your own (hot) chocolate drink or admire our gorgeous wall of tin cans.


Come visit, experience and let Blik op de Zaan expand your view of the Zaanstreek!

* The name ‘Blik op de Zaan’ is wordplay, as the word ‘blik’ means both ‘can’ (as in ‘metal container’) and ‘a glance’.
At Blik op de Zaan, you get a view of the River Zaan ánd we also have beautiful cans made in the Zaan area.


Translation of ‘blik’ in Dutch–English dictionary: 

look [noun] a glance

can [noun] a metal container for liquids and many types of food